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Training for specialist departments

Training for specialist departments

General and customer-specific technical English

  • Content defined in consultation; see also examples of teaching materials

Office Management

  • Essential telephone phrases
  • Taking and passing on messages
  • Writing business letters and e-mails
  • Preparing circulars
  • Organising business trips
  • Preparing conferences
  • Presenting your company
  • Welcoming and looking after visitors
  • Using varying degrees of politeness

Financial accounting and cost control

  • Choice of correct terminology (British vs American English)
  • Describing IAS (International Accounting Standards)
  • Comparing figures
  • Discussing key figures
  • Presenting budgets/investment plans
  • Discussing balance sheets
  • Writing reports
  • Suggesting cost-cutting measures  

Marketing and sales

  • Contacting (potential) new customers
  • Describing your products
  • Performing product comparisons
  • Writing offers
  • Conducting successful price negotiations
  • Preparing customer visits
  • Entertaining customers
  • Handling complaints
  • Representing your company with confidence at a trade fair


  • Formulating inquiries
  • Writing specifications
  • Comparing offers
  • Placing orders
  • Preparing business visits
  • Visiting suppliers
  • Receiving visits from suppliers
  • Price negotiations
  • Complaints

Human Resources

  • Writing acknowledgements of receipt
  • Reading and “understanding” CVs
  • Conducting initial interviews on the phone
  • Talking to foreign colleagues about applicants
  • Conducting interviews
  • Presenting your company
  • Requesting and “understanding” references
  • Presenting additional fringe benefits
  • Reading and drawing up employment contracts

Research and development

  • Presenting your company
  • Presenting the product portfolio
  • Describing individual products in detail
  • Describing experiments and tests
  • Making technical/specialist phone calls
  • Issuing instructions
  • Explaining logical connections
  • Gathering information at trade fairs