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Range of courses: Foreign languages

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Unser Unterrichtsspektrum in Fremdsprachen

For years now we’ve been supporting many of our customers with the sustainable further training of their employees. You too can benefit from our many years of experience in the language of your choice.

Here’s a small selection of our offering:

Cross-departmental courses

  • General business English – Refresher
  • General business English – Advanced
  • General business English – Professionals
  • Small talk in English
  • International meetings and negotiations
  • Intercultural training for India (China ...)
  • Presentations for an English-speaking audience
  • Effective e-mails
  • Mastering telephone calls
  • Productive videoconferencing

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Training for specialist departments, e.g.

  • General and customer-specific technical English
  • Office management
  • Financial accounting and cost control
  • Marketing and sales
  • Purchasing
  • Human resources
  • Research and development

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Examples of teaching materials


  • Current vs Actual
  • Most Common Mistakes in English
  • Trade Fairs
  • Telephoning
  • Video Conferences – Phrases for Professionals
  • Übersicht über die Zeiten

Company specific

  • Goldbeck Image Film (Exercise)
  • Goldbeck Vocabulary List
  • Jowat Image Film (Exercise)
  • Baking + Say it with Cake
  • Corona Virus (for medical staff)

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Would you like your course tailor-made to suit you? We offer one-to-one training on topics of your choice at reasonable prices.

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