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About us

Each person is unique

Each of us has a different learning style and particular learning habits and expectations; each can build on varying degrees of previous experience in the foreign language and each wants to see their own expectations fulfilled by a course. We see each learner as an individual!

Your expectations

As a customer, you expect us to design a course which will fit your needs exactly and which will offer you optimum support in your everyday working life – and, of course, at a time which suits you and with the best trainer.

Our strengths

Our strength and our recipe for success: a combination of learner- and company-specific foreign-language training. Right from the start, we regard placement tests, comprehensive needs analyses, progress tests and sustained learning development as a matter of course. So too is our variety of teaching methods and course priorities.

Our approach

... proves us right: our team now comprises 7 permanent staff and 50 freelancers and, at the request of numerous customers, we offer language courses all over Germany.

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