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German as a foreign language

German as a foreign language

As long as humans have existed they’ve been learning languages. Because understanding the language of others is the key to their culture and their hearts. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true today nevertheless: good language skills are vital to successful integration.

Have you taken on staff from other countries who already have a knowledge of German? Or are you planning to recruit people who have a different first language? You can not only support the integration of these employees but also boost their productivity right from the start.

Here’s a small selection of our portfolio for German as a foreign language which we offer as both one-to-one and group training.

General business German – Refresher

  • Typical German greetings in a business context
  • Introducing yourself
  • Asking questions about processes
  • Making short phone calls
  • Writing standard letters and short e-mails
  • Making arrangements
  • Talking about changes
  • Dealing with problems
  • Formulating complaints and apologies
  • Describing typical behaviours in your home country

General business German – Advanced

  • Introducing yourself and talking about your career
  • Mastering small talk with colleagues and visitors
  • Presenting your company
  • Describing your tasks and areas of responsibility
  • Making technical/specialist phone calls
  • Writing letters and e-mails
  • Discussing plans and strategies
  • Comparing options and alternatives
  • Taking part in meetings
  • Giving standard presentations
  • Explaining and familiarising typical behaviours in your home country to German colleagues

General business German – Professionals

  • Introducing yourself and talking about your career
  • Intercultural aspects of discussions and actions
  • Using varying degrees of politeness
  • Formulating and discussing hypotheses
  • Moderating meetings
  • Conducting successful negotiations
  • Examining standard contracts
  • Giving customer-specific presentations
  • Talking about current affairs
  • Reading between the lines
  • Using idiomatic expressions