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Traditional English Christmas dinner

What's in a traditional English Christmas dinner?
Please fill in the headings with the appropriate foods from the box.


Yorkshire Pudding

Cranberry Sauce



Christmas Pudding

Mince Pies

Brussel Sprouts

Pigs in Blankets      

Roasted Potatoes   

This one is probably one of the most popular dishes at Christmas because it is usually the main course. Other popular dishes include ham or roast beef, but in the UK, this is definitely the main course of choice.

There is nothing like scoop of this popular side! These are often cut into small squares, and put into the oven with goose fat or olive oil, along with herbs such as parsley and thyme, and salt and pepper.

This dish can vary from region to region. Interestingly, in North America, a mix with chestnuts is a popular choice while in Britain, a mix with herbs is more traditional. The most popular type of this at Christmas dinner is sage and onion.

Another quintessentially British part of Christmas dinner. These are small sausages that are wrapped in bacon, and often surround the turkey when it is served. Fun fact: In Scotland, these are called kilted sausages!

This dish originates from England, and is made from a batter that includes eggs, milk, and flour. It’s usually eaten with the roast turkey, but once in a while (aside from Christmas) it can be served as a dessert.

This is actually a type of sauce that comes from the drippings of the turkey when it is cooked. Then the drippings are mixed with wheat flour to make it thicker, and finally poured over the slices of turkey and stuffing.

Though it often accompanies Thanksgiving dinner in North America, it is a popular sauce for Christmas dinner here in Britain. Pour a little onto the turkey and stuffing along with the gravy for a wonderful mixture of flavours!

This polarizing vegetable is a key part of a traditional British Christmas dinner. Even though many people dislike them (they can have a slightly bitter taste) they can always be found on the table at Christmas!

This is a dessert that is made from dried fruit and is normally served with brandy butter. It is also tradition to soak the cake with brandy and set it alight before serving.

These are tiny pies that are filled with fruits such as raisins, cranberries, sultanas, chopped nuts and spices such as cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg. Once they are baked, they are dusted with a little icing sugar and ready to eat.