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Christmas Cards

The tradition of sending cards at Christmas is widespread in the English speaking world. Here are some Fun Facts about Christmas cards determined by a printing company in 2010:

1.5 billion cards were sent in the US compared to 679 million in the UK.

45% of all cards sent are Christmas cards.

Only 15% of the Christmas cards are bought by men.

The first Christmas card was designed and printed in 1843 by a civil servant in the Post Office, Sir Henry Cole, and an artist, John Callcott Horseley.

The most expensive Christmas card sold at an auction for £22,500 . It was from 1843, sent by Sir Henry Cole to his grandmother.

The most cards ever sent by one person in a year is 62,824 - enough to cover a football field.

In the UK an estimated £50m is raised by Christmas cards for charity each year.

The average American family spends about (£24) on Christmas cards each year. The average British family spends about (£14).

Women mostly buy Christmas cards.
More money is spent on Christmas cards in Britain than in the US.
The first Christmas card was produced in 1843.
Christmas cards do not raise money for charity.
Almost half of the cards sent in a year are at Christmas.