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Quality assurance

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Quality assurance – 360°

Before, during and after your language course – by you, your trainer and your personnel department

Quality assurance is a permanent fixture of your – and our – business agenda. It begins even before your language course: as part of the critical choice of trainer, the individual feedback on your assessment test and the careful design of the course in collaboration with your personnel department – to create your ideal learning environment.

Quality assurance also features during your language course: it not only influences the selection of a course book to fit your specific needs, but also includes the compilation of customer-specific teaching materials, tailor-made to suit the various types of learner in each course. You’ll find some examples here.


Quality assurance during your language course involves the Managing Director sitting in on lessons, requests for feedback from us and your personnel department regarding your satisfaction with the learning atmosphere and, naturally, detailed feedback from your trainer regarding your personal progress. Depending on your personal wishes and the expectations of your personnel department, we can prepare you for course-specific tests or internationally recognised certificates.

Quality assurance after your language course involves an opportunity to give your feedback on the trainer and your personnel department. If you wish, we can provide you with a certificate documenting your language skills on completion of your course.

We are firmly committed to offering you the highest quality to guarantee that you make maximum progress. That’s why we are in constant contact with you, your personnel department and our trainers.